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The Lawn

The Lawn


“The Lawn”  has been designed and created to provide families and friends with a greater retail experience.

We have installed a 6m outdoor screen with surround sound and a glass roof to provide a fun and engaging community space.

We intend to screen movies, news programs and major sporting events.

Kingston Village has also installed an AR (Augmented Reality) suite for its customers to experience a fun, interactive and immersive look into the 21st Century entertainment world.


Movie Schedule Decmeber 2019 - Each Movie kicks off from 6pm onwards.

Friday 06/12 – Iron Man

Saturday 07/12 – Shrek

Sunday 08/12 – How to Train A Dragon

Monday 09/12 – Cars 3

Tuesday 10/12 – Alita Battle Angle

Wednesday 11/12 – Little Foot

Thursday 12/12 – Frozen


Friday 13                   6pm      Despicable Me

                                 8pm      Captain America – Winter Soldier


Saturday 14                 6pm      Despicable Me 2

                                   8pm      The Greatest Showman


Sunday 15                   6pm      Despicable Me 3


Monday 16                  6pm      Cars 3


Tuesday 17                  6pm      Alinta Battle Angle


Wednesday 18             6pm      Frozen


Thursday 19                6pm      Finding Nemo


Friday 20                     6pm      Monsters INC

                                   8pm      Hunger Games


Saturday 21                6pm      Monsters University      

                                  8pm      Hunger Games Catching Fire


Bring the whole family down, grab come popcorn and get comfy in our special bean bags this summer. 




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