Introducing Ocean Grove’s brand-new laundromat, the LaundroBar at Kingston Village! The LaundroBar is dedicated to serving the dynamic Ocean Grove community with a convenient laundry solution. Offering 8 cutting-edge washing machines and 12 efficient dryers, they are here to revolutionize your weekly laundry routine, giving you more time to embrace life’s adventures.

Step into Laundrobar Ocean Grove and discover the difference of a modern, customer-centric laundromat experience. The bright, fresh setup is welcoming and comfortable. While your laundry is being taken care of in one of the sparkly new machines, you can relax with a coffee (or even a cup of chicken soup!) from the vending machine.

At Laundrobar Ocean Grove, they understand the importance of flexibility. Whether you prefer the ease of card payments or the familiarity of coins, they’ve got you covered. The LaundroBar mission is simple – ensure your laundry experience is seamless and stress-free, so you can drop off your dirty clothes and emerge with them fresh, clean, and ready to take on the day.

Learn more about the new Ocean Grove laundromat – the Laundrobar!